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The Private Horse Owners Liability Policy

We love our horses, but we all know they can get into the most precarious situations and put your legacy at risk. They can cause significant damage both to property and bodily to others and can happen at any time day or night and very quickly without notice. The most common claims are from horses that escape, or off halter and are loose. At this time, you are completely responsible for any damage your horse can cause. Recently, California has had numerous fires where horse evacuations are exhaustive and numerous. At times horses where let loose to do the inability for the owners or care and boarding facilities to evacuate in a timely manner. These horses are your risk, no matter the consequences and your horse running loose down a major street is the potential for significant liability claims. I have recently experienced a loose horse that broke their halter and was running through a crowd of sitting club spectators. Dozens of spectators could have been seriously injured in very short order and the owner would have been legally responsible for this incident.

So why are so many owners without this very affordable coverage?
Many do not understand what Private Horse Owners Liability Insurance offers, and some believe their Homeowners policy will cover any claims. First let me state that most Homeowners insurance policies do not cover livestock of any kind. Unless you explicitly state the risk on your policy and is accepted by the carrier, it is not covered. In addition, it could be less coverage than a Private Horse Owners Liability policy offers. Secondly many just do not understand the risk and that a policy even exists for their specific needs. Finally, many think it's just too expensive.

Let's discuss the last two, this policy is designed for private horse owners not commercial operations. They design this policy to meet the private horse owner's risks and cover their liability needs up to the limits of policy, for events arising from their horse on or off their property. As for affordable, these coverages can be the cost of a bale of alfalfa per month to maintain and this is often up to four (4) horses. Additional horses can be added up to ten (10), after this point you are considered commercial operations. No horse owner should be without this very affordable protection solution, call us now to find out how easy it is. Listed below are just some of the solutions we provide: If you have any question Just Ask!

EquestriSafe Equine Identification & Safety Products

Horse Identification products help identify your horse. Whether missing on a ride, in a fire, flood, tornado, hurricane, earthquake or just escaped from it's coral, these Fetlock ID Bands and Evacuation Collars, can give you peace of mind that when your animal is found, someone can call and let you know the location of where to pick your equine up.
Equine first aid kits and emergency supplies for horses, riders and livestock. Don't be caught on a trail ride, in the barn or at your trailer without one of these kits for when emergencies happen! BOIS has been hearing great reviews on this product of choice in keeping your horses safe in case of emergency. Please visit this great selection of products today!

Visit the Equestrisafe Website

Medical, Surgical, Colic, Mortality

Major medical insurance for your horse, emergency colic surgery expenses, Plans are available with Mortality. Private horse owner liability can be added, and all is tailored to meet your needs. This coverage could be the sole determining factor when deciding the best course of treatment for your horse.

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Equine Loss of Use

Provides coverage if the horse becomes totally and permanently disabled as the result of a sudden, accidental, and external injury and can no longer be used for the use indicated in the policy. Available for Dressage, Hunters, Jumpers, Western Pleasure, Hunter Under Saddle, and Reining horses. Horses must have an insured value of $10,000 or greater. Not available for leased horses.

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Equine Theft Insurance

Covers your horse for death, theft or humane destruction caused by specified perils listed in the policy, including but not limited to fire and lightning, earthquakes, electrocution, drowning, transit risks and attack by wild animals within policy guidelines.

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Stallion Infertility Insurance

This endorsement provides coverage should your stallion become totally and permanently impotent, infertile or incapable of serving mares due to an illness or injury.

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Prospective Foal Insurance

Covers failure of the prospective foal to be born alive or death of the prospective foal after it's birth but prior to the expiration date of coverage

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Transportation Insurance

Coverage is available for horses while awaiting transit/air transit to the USA and to extend Mortality coverage to include new territorial limits.

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Equine Commercial Solutions

Each Equine Commercial operation is as unique as the horses and clients they serve. At Better Options Insurance Services we offer complete solutions and services for any operational size and within any budget need. Our specialists will complete a comprehensive review of your operations and services and upon its completion outline your Better Options. Like our Ranch and Farm Owners solutions, we often start the standard policy that is designed to blanket your type of operations, then with a complete review of your General Liability, Property, Livestock and Services you provide, we provide a customized solution that is designed to eliminate duplications or gaps in coverages with proper valuation scheduling. For those who have employees, our WorkersComp, payroll and HR programs insure your operations are staying up to date with today's ever-changing regulations. Our Specialists would be excited to visit and get to know you and your team, and offer you an extensive solution that meets your protection and budget requirements, we want to be on your team for life and your success is our primary goal. Listed below are just some of the solutions we provide: If you have any question Just Ask!

Equine Business Liability

Equine Commercial General Liability (CGL) is available to professionals breeding, boarding, training, instructing, and/or operating any eligible equine facility. This policy provides coverage for bodily injury or property damage to third parties arising from declared commercial equestrian activities.

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Horse Trainer / Instructor

Protection for your horses and your students!. This is a full liability insurance plan that protects you in case of injury to horses in training or students taking horseback riding lessons. Many equestrian facilities require horse trainers and instructors to have coverage before teaching on their property.

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Horse Boarding Liability

Protect your facility, your business and yourself should a lawsuit arise. Whether you operate a large or small equestrian facility, Commercial Equine Insurance coverage or a Horse Boarding Liability Insurance policy is necessary for your equestrian business.

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Equine Event / Horseshow

Equine Insurance covers equine events such as horse shows, sporthorse competitions, field trials, ranch horse events and clinics. Spectators, participants and even volunteers are all a potential liability risk to the longterm success of your horse show.

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Horse Club Liability

Liability coverage for equine member organizations and their public event days. Should a lawsuit arise due to a club activity your club and its directors, members and volunteers are protected against liability claims.

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Therapeutic Riding Insurance

The therapeutic benefits horses provide to children and adults is amazing. By offering a therapeutic horseback riding program you are offering a wonderful service. Liability insurance plans protect your equine therapy program.

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Farrier Insurance programs

This program is designed to respond to the specific needs of a professional farrier. Lawsuits have become more prevalent as technology, and information increases to identify the cause of laminitis, lameness, improper hoof angles and/or using pads improperly.

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Care, Custody & Control

Coverage is to protect you in the event you or an employee of your operation is found legally liable for the death, injury, or theft of a horse that is in your Care, Custody, or Control. Incidental transit coverage within the continental U.S. and Canada is included in CCC coverage.

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Commercial Insurance / Personal Insurance

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