Personal Ranch and Farm

This is your gentleman's ranch or farm, generally these are individuals that move from a homeowner to a Ranch or Farm operations. That is, they may offer limited amount of services like boarding or training on their property per carrier appetite. Or in case of Farm, Breed or raise livestock for trade. Could even be a small home winery or crop grower but doesn't really have fulltime employee risks but contracts outside support. That is really the classic definition of a Personal Ranch or Farm owner.

Personal Ranch and Farm policies are customized based on their exposures from their operations. Many can just use a Standard Ranch AG blanket policy, while others may require additional excess to insure complete coverage.

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Commercial Ranch or Farm

The biggest distinction from the Personal and Commercial are not just the size, but employees, more livestock, vehicle exposures, and more business risks overall.
Employee benefits, protection and compliance are big concerns, as is the many business liabilities listed in our main BOIS-Business page.
With most Commercial Ranch operations, Commercial vehicles often come into play when you transport livestock or want your livestock insured during transport.
Crop and or livestock protection is expanded on our Commercial Packages. And of course, equipment, key personnel and their loss of use are critical factors.

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Ranch-Farm Insurance Solutions:

We are so happy for you, you now own or rent the Gentlemen's ranch you dreamed of, now how to protect this legacy. Ranch and farm owner's insurance needs differ greatly from other businesses and general homeowner policies. While most businesses use a standard Business Owners Policy or Commercial Protection Plan, the Ranch and Farmer approach is often greatly customizable, so it is extremely important the approach is spot on. There are several solutions which often starts with the standard Ranch/Farm Owners Ag policy, a Monoline policy for those not needing dwelling or a Multi-peril which are more scheduled. After reviewing and valuating (scheduling) each Property, General Liability, and Vehicles risk, we analyze our client's budgetary needs. With this approach, the Ranch or Farm owner insures their risks are appropriately accounted for without gaps and just as important no duplications in coverage, while maintaining client budget needs. Knowing this, it is important to insure you have a knowledgeable specialist understanding of their liabilities, properties, grounds equipment, livestock, and top-rated carrier solutions to properly protect your legacy. At this time our specialists will discuss your budgetary needs, what are the costs broken down, and what risks are the Ranch or Farm owner willing to take on themselves do to their ardent safety and control measures in efforts to reduce premium costs. In addition to client's budgetary needs, our specialists will present our Better Options Insurance Services safety and control measure resources to help any operations reduce their overall risk exposures. This of course to help our clients reduce their overall cost of operations and unfortunate occurrences. Let's look at our available customized solutions:

Better Options Insurance Services Ranch and Farm program:

Other Protection Business need to consider are:
• Your home (dwelling) and its contents
• Your home (dwelling) and its contents
• Ranch/Farm buildings and supporting structures
• Ranch/Farm "personal" property; which may include: personal use and farm machinery, grain, livestock, and farm tools. Don't forget to include that custom exhaust or GPS system you just installed on your tractor!
• Personal and ranch/farm liability; protection if you're legally liable for damages caused to a third party's person or property
• Medical payouts to others; support if you're liable to pay the medical bills of someone injured on your property
• Livestock; often your prized possessions, this includes protection of all listed livestock scheduled with proper valuations.
• Agricultural and crops damages from; wildlife, hail, and storm damages, etc.
• General liability insurance; which will protect you if someone who is visiting your grounds is injured.
• Commercial auto; for personal and business use generally limited to pickups, autos, horse trailers and tractor trucks.
• Rental insurance; for those who rent or sub-lease full or partial grounds or facilities. Just as unique, these solutions protect you and your operations just the same.
• Employee services; for those who have employees; Workers Comp, Payroll, HR compliance.
• Defense and court costs for litigation, and payment for judgements up to the aggregate policy amount
• Dude Ranches; are awesome we all love the services and often reside in spectacular settings, and just a great way to relax and take a break from the norm. These outfits while also unique, often include all the above plus special considerations of possible restaurant, liquor liability, money, product liability, and personal items of others etc. We love working with Dude Ranches and so do our top-rated carriers.

For the larger commercial facilities; even though the standard Commercial Ranch/Farm Policy or Multi-Peril policies may blanket much of the needed coverages, Property, General Liability, and Vehicles, often new risks are brought in beyond limits and not added in a timely manner or improper valuations of equipment or livestock are made at original policy start. In addition, employee and HR internal services are missing critical resources to meet today's ever-changing regulations. Any one of the above are a great reason to contact Better Options Insurance Services today to have a specialist review your current policy (even if obtained with another carrier). We would be more than excited to visit your operations, get to know you and the family and complete an extensive review. These reviews often include state of the art video capture of your operations, grounds, property, and equipment with written details of each. This insures our agency and underwriting can offer you Better Options. Each of our clients we consider as family and we look forward to serving yours for life. Let us together discuss your operations and see how uniquely our professionals assemble a solution for you and your business. We look forward in offering you a Better Option when in comes to fully protecting your business and personal needs in this ever-changing environment.

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Most often asked questions and answers :

Q: One of our family members gives riding instructions on our ranch, do we need additional coverage?
A: If your Ranch is covered with a Ranch Owners commercial policy, your liability would most likely cover this exposure. Please contact us to insure this risk is added to your policy.

Q: We have a small ranch and would like to start boarding a few horses, what is the coverage we need?
A: Pending on the size of the operations, Care, Custody, and Control to start, Commercial Liability should be considered as well. If your operations expand, excess liability policy can be added to cover these exposures. A policy plan can be tailored to your needs and budget.

Q: We just purchased a Yearling, do we need insurance?
A: Your initial investment will be overshadowed by your overall investment with this new yearling. I always recommend to clients that their investments both in time and money, should be considered an asset. In case of a loss, Mortality insurance will compensate for these investments, at the animal's current value. As they train and get more experience their value increases, while the emotional loss cannot be regained, you will be able to start over at the same level you left off. Major Medical and Surgery policy, also aids on the high costs of treatments, and contribute to reducing your overall investment costs. Note: All claims should be reported within 24 hrs. If an incident needs major medical attention please notify both the insurance company and our office immediately.

Q: Is there an age requirement for horse insurance?
A: Yes, and it is a two-fold answer 1. A horse usually can be insured as early as 24 hours old for Mortality and 30 days for Major Medical or other coverages. 2. The maximum age is usually 20 years. Note: All claims should be reported within 24 hrs. If an incident needs major medical attention please notify both the insurance company and our office immediately.

Q: We made a "Loss of Use" claim and both our Dr. and the insurance Dr. don't agree, what now?
A: If your horse is unable to perform based on the use described on the policy, your veterinarian is required to make a written claim into the insurance claim dept. Sometimes the insurance company requires a review from their Vet, and if both do not agree, then a Vet Mediator could be called in for final decision. Please notify our office immediately to insure this is handled with the utmost care.

Q: How do we determine the value or our horse for insurance purposes?
A: The Fair Market Value or FMV is determined on several factors. Records will be needed to verify the Justification of Value which are usually all training, shows and awards. This JOV is submitted to the carrier for review and acceptance. Maintenance of this form is up to the owner and should be submitted to our office to keep on record in case of a claim. We work with our clients in insuring they keep on top of this form within our state of the art agency management system, however it is ultimately the owner's responsibility.

Q: We just bought our first ranch, what do we need to do get ready for our insurance application?
A: Congratulations the legacy begins. Our specialist will go over everything with you and supply you with all the forms, but it is very helpful to prepare early. It is also a great idea to have your realtor contact us if you are in pre or just closed escrow. If you plan to have any services performed on your ranch as in board and care or training, then your Liability details of exposure will need to be outlined.
• Max amount of horses that can be boarded
• Are horses being trained, Qty
• Are horses used for training students, Qty
• How many trainers and students?
• Are trainers leasing on property?
• How many horses for just board and care?
• Do you plan on employees?
• Do you sell items
• Your past experience in this field
• If you are just a personal Ranch, then basically list everything God did not put there.
• Dwelling (house); and any additional structures i.e. patios, pools, BBQ etc.
• Property; barns, tack rooms, feed sheds, stalls, garages, storage sheds etc. you will need sqr ft,, type of construction, date built, roof type, (roof, plumbing, heating date last updated).
• Equipment (Personal Property); include all tools, personal use, tack, farm, ranch, tractors its implements and don't forget that new CabCam and GPS system you just installed, include Yr, Make and Model, serial numbers
• Liabilities; list all exposures, horses qty, etc
• Vehicles: List of vehicles, VINs for each, limits needed, deductibles, list of drivers including driver's license and date of birth.
Our specialists can assist you in completing the scheduling if needed, in addition this may include state of the art video capturing of your property and equipment. Let us know what we can do to help. We aim to make this as easy and accurate as possible to obtain Better Options and Better overall premium costs.

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